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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here and it is BEAUTIFUL!

I am so excited to see green and blooms and flowers.  (My allergies aren’t the happiest right now, but it is a small price to pay).

As I fling open the curtains and blinds and light flows into my house – I am made aware of the fine coating of dust that has settled everywhere.  Yes.  My house is dusty.  (Yet another issue for my allergies).

Time for spring cleaning at my house.  That glorious process of turning over the house in a very through and methodic manner to clear out all the dust and what not that has collected and embrace a lighter, cleaner, and more open house for spring and summer.

So, where to start?  How to go about it?  Most of the time, we cannot devote unlimited hours to spring cleaning.  At my house we divide up the tasks between ourselves and it takes a while to complete.  Most of the time we would got about half way through the process and stopped.  Distractions. Other obligations. Lack of desire. Take your pick for the reason it never was completed.

We love the clean house, but how do we stay focused on the goal. 

Enter the cleaning checklist. 

Click image for your free checklist download

Click image for your free checklist download

I am a huge fan of checklists for cleaning.  With a checklist in hand, you don’t have think about what to do next, it is all there.  It makes it easy to divide up the tasks between people, and brings consistency in cleaning different rooms.  When I am in my OCM (Obsessive Cleaning Mode), I just power through the list.  Without a list, I would start well and never finish!!!

I decided to formalize my Spring Cleaning Checklist and share with you.  Not all of my list may apply to you, or you may have other things that you would add to your list, but it is a great place to start.

I hope you find this list helpful. 

If you need an extra hand completing your Spring Cleaning or any other projects – just call and let’s set up a time to get started.  You will be glad you did.