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Endeavor Concierge Service is a personal concierge and errand service based in Northern Colorado. Our goal is to increase a client's standard of free time by taking on time consuming tasks, errands, and projects.  We partner with our clients to provide services that are tailored to needs of our clients.

Removing your ID from your wallet

How many times have needed to show your driver’s license or ID and you fight with your wallet to free it from the tiny slot.  Well those days can be over with this very simple trick.

Supplies: ID and transparent tape (about a 2 inch strip, more or less to your liking).

As you can see, I choose my Super Hero ID so that I can protect my alter ego.

How: Very easy, just take the ID that you would like to be able to access easier and place the tape about ½ inch onto the side of the ID.  Make sure you choose the side that will be sticking out of your wallet holder, this is usually the right side of the ID. 

Then simply fold the tape over onto itself and secure on the backside of the ID.  Now you are ready to pull out your ID with ease any time by pulling on the tape tab.  No more fighting with your wallet.

The tape should allow for any scanning of the i.d. and not cause interference. If you are worried about that, just make sure that you position the tape out of the way of any bar codes or scan bar areas.

Do you have any other ways to easily remove your ID from your wallet?