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Your Real Estate Concierge and Personal Assistant Company in Northern Colorado

Endeavor Concierge Service is a personal concierge and errand service based in Northern Colorado. Our goal is to increase a client's standard of free time by taking on time consuming tasks, errands, and projects.  We partner with our clients to provide services that are tailored to needs of our clients.

How long should I keep some documents..

That was a question one of my clients asked me.  That started my research an discovery that the answer as usual is "that depends".  Depends on your taxes, business needs, etc.  So I created a little document to help with just the general guidelines of how long some documents are recommended to be kept.  I cannot stress enough that this is only a guideline and recommendation.  For your specific needs, your accountant and/or attorney would be best to answer that question.

Click on the image to go to the file.

Click on the image to go to the file.

The document is an .PDF and can be viewed through Adobe reader and other such .pdf viewing programs.