Endeavor Concierge Services

Your Real Estate Concierge and Personal Assistant Company in Northern Colorado

Endeavor Concierge Service is a personal concierge and errand service based in Northern Colorado. Our goal is to increase a client's standard of free time by taking on time consuming tasks, errands, and projects.  We partner with our clients to provide services that are tailored to needs of our clients.

Why I blog for Endeavor Concierge Services

Endeavor Concierge Services is my creation.  The genesis of the company concept was born through our personal experiences. Our family had the unfortunate distinction of having two family members diagnosed with terminal conditions within one month of each other.  What followed was a blur of activity.  Not just the normal ebbs and flows of raising two daughters, pets, house, etc.  But added to it; the doctor’s visits, procedures, care, coordination of services, equipment, etc.  We were so blessed and fortunate to have the 4 months with my mother and 9 months with my father-in-law.  But it was not easy.  The stress and strain were at times overwhelming.  In juggling the few hours that I could squeeze out of my day to take care of mom who wanted to remain at home and independent – what I would not have given to “off-load” some tasks like grocery shopping, errands, cleaning, etc. 

Through those experiences, our family learned how truly precious and fleeting time can be.  Hindsight is so easy to think I could have called a cleaning company, done on-line grocery shopping and delivery, etc. etc.  But the truth was that I still would have to manage each agency, function, task independently.  At the time I didn't know about concierge service companies or personal assistants.  I did not realize the simple beauty of having a company partner with me to help me with those tasks. 

That is the reason I a blog.  I want to bring attention to a service industry that has direct impact on your day and how you spend your time.    How many times have you wanted a clone of yourself to do those necessary tasks?  How many times have you said that you wish you could call someone who can just “take care of it”?  Whatever the “it” may be.  Is “it” the non-functioning furnace or bathroom that needs to be re-tiled? The overflowing garage that needs organizing? Or more simply the shopping, errands, and taking the pet to the groomers on a regular schedule. That is some of what Endeavor Concierge Services can do to help you.  Each client is unique and what they need is as specific and personal to them as their own fingerprint.  We take your “it” and make it done.

This blog is intended to be a gift of information to readers.  Weekly, I will post various articles, lists, ideas, Northern Colorado local events, and helpful information that readers can use to benefit themselves and make their life just a little easier and better, and maybe even uplift in some way.  Everything that I post is in good faith and only suggestions.