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Endeavor Concierge Service is a personal concierge and errand service based in Northern Colorado. Our goal is to increase a client's standard of free time by taking on time consuming tasks, errands, and projects.  We partner with our clients to provide services that are tailored to needs of our clients.

What is the weather outside?

I was having a discussion with a group of mother's about the changing seasons and the difficultly in getting small children to understand that shorts are not appropriate for some days.  As a seasoned parent, who like them, didn't want to argue with a kindergartner with what to wear.  I told them that we, as parents, set a personal temperature threshold (like 60 degrees).  Any time the high was below that, you had to wear long pants (or wear layers).  

By setting a temperature and making the forecast for the day the deciding factor, we removed the "fight" from what to wear.  After a  week or so of enforcing the policy, our children would ask a simple question, "What is the weather for today?".  I quick look on the phone or newspaper provided the information they needed to choose appropriately.  

Getting to that point did have some challenges, but with consistency, it can be achieved and you help to build your children's understanding of their environment and their personal responsibility.

           Click on the image to go to La Crosse's Website for more product information.

           Click on the image to go to La Crosse's Website for more product information.

Then I saw this weather station at a clients house.  It has a little icon guy whose clothes change depending on the weather.  How cool is that!  Please understand that I have received no compensation from the company that makes this and I can make no endorsement of the accuracy of the product.  But the concept I love with respect to the issue above about getting children to put on the appropriate clothing for the day.

What are some ways you have dealt with this issue as a parent?